I will be using this guitar to play in D. I need one that DOES NOT HAVE A TREM OF ANY KIND. I am looking for one that is good for shredding and good riffing. I am looking for guitars that are $500 new so I can get them used for cheap. I am currently onto the new budget Xiphos http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-Xiphos-XP300FX-Electric-Guitar?sku=620741

I would prefer guitars that aren't super strat style.
look at some schecters
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Agree with Jackamedmos, those ESP's are lovely!
Jackson's are nice too.
Wouldn't go for a BC Rich, their lower end stuff isn't that good.
can there be a "no best ________" rule? oh, wait, is there already one?

either way, it's preference, lots of people like schecters, i absolutely hate them. they feel cheap to me, heavy, but cheap. i prefer ESP's for the low cost, so i would go with an ESP LTD.

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I am looking into the Schecter Hellraiser V, the EC-401 and now the V-200. Any more suggestions?
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ltd ec-401
les paul shape with emgs
great guitar

This LTD surely and many others or a ibanez rg fixed bridge or tremelo if you can handle the hassle.
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Ibanez RG321MH. man I've must of said that 100 times on this forum. This is the BEST metal guitar for the price. Built VERY solid and should last a long time.

I traded mine in a long time ago and it was my biggest regret. I MAY just have to buy another one of these days. Stupid me for trading it in :/
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