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So our band played a small new years gig. Normally we just have guitar and drums but we did find a bassist which helped us so much. So anyways we did three covers, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Stacy's Mom, and California (Hawk Nelson) and all of our practice payed off. None of us made any notable errors, and by the second song, we were all comfortable. It went fantastic. There's no greater feeling than being up on stage starting the crowd and just leading everything. Just thought I'd share the victory.
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Sadie Hawkins Dance is a great song to open with. Its so full of energy!
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Actually we ended with it lol but it had the same energy. I was sick this week and couldn't hit the falsetto so the crowd had a laugh at my attempt at it. Then they sung it for me which was pretty awesome.
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Good job, it's great to hear about a good gig.
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Congratulations! Hopefully you can get out there and play some more soon.
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Not to rain on your parade, though, but there is a sticky for stories like this. Something about "Gather 'round kids, it's STORYTIME!".
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Congrats on a good gig! Always nice to hear.

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Yeah I saw that sticky a bit too late after I posted this lol. So if anyone feels they need to close this that's cool. Just wanted to share