Im looking at you BC Rich (amongst others). Generally guitars that are sharp enough to kill or cause serious damage to the player, guitars that quite literaly warrant the term "axe".

Is it just me?

EDIT: Please do not take offense to the above.
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Jacksons = pointy ends

therefore Jacksons = Metal???

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not hated
I hate most BC Rich shapes. They look like the losers of a kiddies' "Design an evil wizard's staff" competition. Just thought I'd add to the conversation a bit.
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What is actually the question being asked? Or are we just talking about "metal" guitars in general? Dean have quite a few pointy guitars too. I like a few pointy guitars, but was much more into them when I was say 17, when all I wanted was a BC Rich (so glad I got an Epi Les Paul when I was older)