Poll: will a7x find a new drummer in time to finish their next album ?
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View poll results: will a7x find a new drummer in time to finish their next album ?
5 42%
3 25%
1 8%
theirs a new album?!
3 25%
Voters: 12.
hey in case u guys ahvent yet seen, jimmy sullivan, drummer for punk/metal/someting or other band avenged sevenfold lis dead!!!

just thought i would let you all kno because i havent seen any threads on this yet....
for realz? did the searchbar kill him?
Like David Gilmour?

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Are you actually serious? It's frontpage news you ****ing moron.
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HAs the searchbar died as well?
1. You're surfing the internet.
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6. You just checked it.
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A7X sucks. The Rev sucks.

This is fact.^
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