I'm thinking of buying the Nintendo Power subscription because it comes with the strategy guide, but I'm not sure what exactly it includes. Is it just a walkthrough or does it actually have strategies and other areas of the game covered (you know, like explaining the effects of specific poffins, TMs, poketch, Underground, and stuff like that.)

Is it worth the 20 dollar subscription? I'm not really interested so much in the walkthrough, but I'd like to have a quick reference guide for certain aspects of the game.

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Pokemon Red/Blue > Every other Pokemon game

+1 although leaf green and fire red were a welcome addition and im pretty psyched for heart gold and soul silver.
Just search on the internet.

Whats your FC for it? We could battle and trade.
Skip the username, call me Billy
I know about serebii and bulbapedia.
And red/blue were definitely not the best games of the series.

I just like having physical things.