So im looking for a pedal that can pretty much just raise the volume of my guitar while i play solos. I came across THIS . Would it be ok for what i would use it for? I have a humbucker loaded guitar, so the single coil think wouldnt be much use, but just raising the volume seems nice. Or would i be better off getting an EQ pedal? I would be runing this trough a SS amp, so no overdriving the tubes...
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EQ pedal would be a better idea, means you can get a bit more control over the sound when you solo.
The pickup booster is only really useful if you're switching from single coils <- humbuckers
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I don't really know actually, cause in that website it makes it sound as if it turns single coils into humbuckers. So it would fatten your tone up a bit, apparently anyway, I've never tried any SD pedals.

If you basically want to keep your tone, just make it louder, then get something like this:


Fair enough, if you crank it a bit, it will add some gain as well, but I suppose that's nice for lead work, just to add a bit more sustain.
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