alright, i have a guitar where the strap button closest to the neck is on the back of the body, facing my direction, the screw is parallel with the ground. This configuration does not allow the guitar to hang right, and the fret wires dig into my hand a little bit, due to the way i have to hold the guitar. What would be the best way of changing its position so that the screw is more parallel with the neck, like on a fender strat? I dont want to ruin the finish on the guitar too much.
have you tried changing the lenght of the strap that might be easier to do
the strap is as long as its going to get, the guitar is balanced where i dont like it.
if you dont mind a small hole.. just drill a new one?

sounds like its atached next to/on the neck joint? that basicly doesnt work, try it on the top horn, it should work better there.
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Is it an SG by any chance?
I too had the same problem on my SG,I simply moved to the tip of the top horn just like ona strat.Far better.
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on those its really dodgy because its angled at the top. your best bet is to buy a couple of strap locks and install those. any other strap buttons means your strap will just come off and your guitar will faceplant.