I'll keep it simple. I am not a skilled guitarist but enjoy it. For Xmas my wife bought a cool used Ibanez Gax50. I have noticed a few cracks and would just like some reasurance from some experts that they are nothing to worry about. Or if they are worrisome and the guitar should be returned (which I don't really want to do because I love the guitar).

picture 1) crack in body just below neck. To me this just appears to be a finish crack since it doesn't appear to be with the grain. Can't feel it when running finger over it either.
pictures 2 & 3) crack in body just above neck. I can feel it when I rub a finger over it.
picture 4) crack in the thin "ridge" of wood between the neck and the hollowed out area for the pickupunder the fat E string. This is definately in the wood because I can see on the top of the body and when looking down into the hollowed out pickup area it appears to extend about as far as the depth of the neck pocket. I can't seeing any evidence of this crack on the back of the guitar body.

Thanks in advance for you advice. (my fingers are crossed the opinions are good).
ibanez bottom crack.jpg
ibanez top crack.jpg
ibanez top crack 2.jpg
ibanez ridge crack.jpg
looks like its just the paint cracking
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they all look like cracks in the finish
it should be fine unless you drop it or pull on the neck i suggest you get them filled of fixed incase the cracks get bigger
ild say its just the finish (paint)

if its a used guitar i would put my money on the paint.
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they all look like cracks in the finish
it should be fine unless you drop it or pull on the neck i suggest you get them filled of fixed incase the cracks get bigger

i wouldnt spend any money on it at all (excluding setup/string etc.). play it till it dies, then invest in a better/new instrument. - the value of the guitar is probably less that the money you would spend on repairing it.

it is a budget guitar, and it is used, so you cant expect it to last forever.

youl prob get a few years or something out of it, it is an ibanez so its not going to disintegrate. (just treat it nicely and it will be nice back)

you can pick up a new one for a few hundred dollars, if you love it, and enjoy playing, you know what you can save up for when you wear that beast down.
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Probably cracks in the finish, and it looks like it's been caused by the neck being screwed in too tight.
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Thanks for the input. I'm gonna leave it alone and just enjoy the guitar.
I would return it. The cracks all appear around the neck pocket area. This indicates some dummy dropped the guitar on its neck most likely. To be absolately certian you'd need to loosen the strings and remove the neck from the pocket and see if the cracks go all the way thru.
Moving on.....
They could be stress cracks in the finish but probably from some type of accident where undo stress was put on the neck. Don't keep rubbing your finger over it. If it does need a little glue oils from your fingers get in the cracks and the glue will not hold well.

If you want to keep it and are afraid it might be deeper than the finish and in the wood you can use a little CA (Superglue) the thin type and put a drop or two in the cracks capillary action will pull the glue down in the crack. You really have to be very careful the thin superglue can go every where because of it's thin viscosity superglue can haze a poly finish.

Thanks again for your advice/insight. I took a little from each (except of course the post that said to return it) and last night I...

Loosened the strings and removed the neck to look in the neck pocket.

The crack between the neck and pickup curved at the bottom of the neck pocket and ran along the bottom of the neck pocket about half the width of the neck. I liked this because it meant it didn't go down into the body past the neck pocket. I applied a little Krazy Glue and the crack sucked it right up. I straightened up this little ridge of wood and it seems to be holding well.

The other two cracks didn't appear to go any further into the neck pocket so it does appear that they are just finish cracks. I went ahead and put a little glue on these with the goal of preventing the cracks from spreading. At first this looked kinda messy but some careful polishing work brought it to a respectable appearance.

Now I am much more comfortable with the whole situation and can play and enjoy the instrument with much more confidence.

Thanks again. And for the record, I had no idea until this weekend that Krazy Glue worked on wood. hmmmm