Hey, just finished a roughish recording of an improvised song. Sound quality is iffy, but as I said this is just a rough version so please focus comments on song structure, riffs, etc., rather than mix quality.

Also please bear in mind I've only been playing for just over a year so there are some slips and stuff.

Song is titled "Incisive" on my profile.

Crit for crit, as always
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I like it, it's got nice heavy riffing and most of it is very catchy. The tapping solo took me by surprise, but I like the atmosphere it created.

Sorry for the rushed crit, been busy today. If I have time/remember, I'll elaborate more.
OK, I reuploaded the song, made a few changes to the mix and added vocals. I haven't had much experience with this type of vox so feedback would be nice.
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the drums sound very good, what program are you using for them? structure is very solid and your playing is very impressive for only a year. as somebody else said, the tapping part was very entertaining. i'm not sure if i could make out a bass part in there, but it wouldnt hurt to bring it out a bit more if it is there.
i think your vocals could use a bit of work, they just seem a bit flat to me, feels like there should be more power to behind them.
very solid piece of work though, i am impressed for how long you have been playing.

take a look at mine?
Man im pretty impressed! i like the vocals but it would sound cooler if you could hear the bass (if there is any)

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There isn't really a bass, I just stuck in a pitchshifted guitar part to fill in some of the lower frequencies.
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