I need help with my rig mostly pedals, possibly an amp but not likely. I like a lot of alternative rock, but also play blues and classic rock. Right no I have a Vox AD30vt a Boss overdrive, zoom g1n(used mostly for delay) and I am in the middle of making a booster pedal from general guitar gadgets. I don't think I need any distortion pedals, but I am interested in 2 MXR pedals the blue box and phase 90. Thanks for any help.

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The MXR Blue Box is an awesome pedal for the price. I don't know how well it would work with a Vox AD30VT, though. I have one (Vox) and it never reacted well to pedals. I don't see the point of combining it with pedals anyway - it already has effects and amp simulators.

Are you willing to look into getting a new amp first?
new amp!!! selll it and get a Blackstar Ht-5. you won't have to save much
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Quote by grizzli1994
new amp!!! selll it and get a Blackstar Ht-5. you won't have to save much

Meh, for those genre's you'd be best off looking at an Orange Tiny Terror or the Vox Night Train. I think that's the best option if you're looking for pedals & such because the AD30's don't take them too well.

It might be worth saving up from now on, looking around guitar shops and trying stuff out to see what interests you and then decide from there what it is you'd like.
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