Hey, I've been considering doing something in the audio field for a living, so I was wondering if any of you guys have tips on how to not waste time, like what type of college to go to and how to get a head start before heading to college. If anyone could help, I'd be really thankful for it.
Well, play with everything you can get your hands on before college. READ ALL OF THE MANUALS FRONT TO BACK MULTIPLE TIMES! And just keep trying new things and learning whatever you can.

When you get to college, take audio arts classes (or whatever your school calls them) and then take some math/physics stuff for good measure. Just follow your school's audio production curriculum and get involved in related clubs and whatnot.

After college (or during) get an internship at an established studio. Maybe start at a smaller studio, then get a legit internship through your school at a larger one once you have some experience at a smaller place (it can't hurt). Just do whatever crap they tell you to (get coffee, wrap cables, be their bitch etc) and work your way up.

Pay close attention and take this part to heart: It will NOT be easy. It is completely possible and doable, but it's not easy. Don't give up and just open your mind to learn every single thing you can. Study study study, it's still school. You still need to LEARN everything. It's not an easy ride because it's a subject you care about, it's a subject to learn and then it's a field of WORK. They don't call it work because it's easy.

Also, I've taken some classes (dropped the minor, I don't want to do it for a living so why waste my valuable time on something I can learn by myself to do what I want to do?) and my friends have completed the minor, so I have a lot of experience with the subject and in large studios. Keep asking questions, stay active, and I'll do my best to help you out along the way over here!
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