Painfully conceived
Bred to believe

Faithful Father
Expecting perfection
Religious slavery
Made to listen
And never question
The faults of religion

Malicious Mother
Playing on emotion
Trying to mold me
To be just like him
And never question
The faults of religion


Predjudiced Preacher
Artificial election
Preying on the minority
Declaring "Curse them"
And never question
The faults of religion

Conniving Country
Cornering the citizen
Misguided society
Blindly join them
And never question
The faults of religion


Pressure to believe
Pressure to percieve
Everything identically
You can't have anything other than the title of the piece for the thread title, with the exception of [WIP] or [OTS]; just thought you should know...
Hello, are you in there? I read this piece and I see me and him and her and them and us and we and they and I guess a little bit of you sprinkled in the middle but it's mostly just everything mixed together. There's no originality here. I mean this has been written so many times and you nor I could even count them if we wanted to. The beginning I thought might have been about your relationship between you and your parents and I thought that was a personal thing, but then you start going on about countries and preachers and it's just.....bland. I've heard this before, this "Oh no, authority is trying to control my life! I am a victim of this propaganda and I will blindly question every and all authority! Rebel, quick!", and i mean that's a fine message to have AS LONG AS you find a way to do it originally, which is unbelievably hard with a message like this. Beyond your or mine or most people in this forums skills.

Where's you? When you write, I want you to bare your soul and show me everything that you care about. Do you really care about this? Because it doesn't seem like something that's so close to your heart that it should be close to mine. It doesn't seem like something that is such a part of you as any word is a part of its sentence and it's not something you should be telling me about if it isn't.

SHOW ME YOU. Show me originality..
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
yea, i get what you're saying. this was like my third song. i guess i'll look over it and try again.