hey guys I was looking into getting a new bass and was deciding between the Sterling by musicman ray14 and the Spector legend classic. The problem is no one has the spector to try out around here so I'd have to buy it online. Can anyone describe how the bass is or its sound? I looked on youtube and could not find any videos of it.

As for the kind of sound I like I guess it would be like a precision or stingray. I tried the higher end stingray and loved it, felt perfect strings weren't too loose or to tight and the sound was phenominal, strong and full.
Is the Spector anything like the stingray? or is it completely different?
Do yourself a huge favor. Do not buy anything that you have not played first. A vid on YouTube will not give you any (true) idea as to the "real" tone of any bass.
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Do yourself a huge favor. Do not buy anything that you have not played first. A vid on YouTube will not give you any (true) idea as to the "real" tone of any bass.

Or to the feel.

*However* there are many users on here that play Spectors, and I'm sure they could compare the feel/tone to other basses. Also, I highly reccomend Stingrays, I've played an HH extensively and loved both the feel and the tone. Not my favorite, but still great and highly/easily usable.
Also keep in mind that if you go with the Stingray it won't feel like the one you played. You played the higher end model which will feel alot better (imo) than the company's budget brand.

That being said most of the people on here who play Spectors play on the Legend series (which is their budget brand) so they could indeed give you advice though most people on here with Stringrays have the legit version so you'll want to try out what you're actually buying if thats your choice.

My vote for you is go with the Spector if you're flat determined on those two. It's a pretty equal comparison on quality but the Spector has a 24 fret fingerboard where as the Stingray will have a 21 fret (not that big of a deal but I find myself using that little extra range enough that I find it to be a necessity on a bass.) If you're not set on those two then I strongly recommend you check out other brands which you may like better (you said you like precision tone so why not a Fender Precision or check out the Ibanez SR series)
Here's another bit of food for though and reason to actually TRY both basses.

The body shape of the Sterling line follows pretty close to the traditional Stingray and is Fender like (being another child of Leo Fender's imagination). The Spectors are a bit different--they have much smaller bodies than other basses and some players find them odd to play because of that.
also, idk about you people, but i find the spector tone to be waaayyy to thin and clicky....
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Yeah I was already pretty sure I was going with the stinger but I just wanted to check if there was anything noteworthy I should know about the spector. I liked the precision bass but there was really only one kind of sound it could do, I found the musicman more variable with its pickup splitting switch. I also tried the Ibanez SR300 and didn't care much for it, it sounded weird to me with the activeness and didn't feel as comfortable as the musicman. Is the spector like the Ibanez?
I have the Spector Legend Classic. It's a well-made, versatile bass. It has a natural mid-range hump and I quite like the EMGs. The neck is pretty quick and its a good-looking bass. It sounds good slapped, fingerpicked or picked.

I've never played the Sterling, sorry.
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Is the spector like the Ibanez?

Yes and No. They are similar in some senses but are still in two completely different categories. They are both very versatile and can get a very very broad range of tones.

However they are still very different, the Ibanez in this price range (the SR 500) will have active pups and EQ which is where the "activeness" comes from while the Spector has only an active pre-amp so the tones will be completely different (though they can both be used in just about any setting.)

So like I said they are the similar but different.

And sounding like a broken record here, don't buy until you try. You may like the Stingray, but don't fully judge until you have a chance to try the Spector.
i say musicman. I really hate the look of the spector basses and I found them awkward to play sitting down.
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also, idk about you people, but i find the spector tone to be waaayyy to thin and clicky....

I've never actually played a Legend series, but I've heard sound clips and whatnot and I OWN a Euro 5 and it is pretty much completely opposite to your description of a Spector.
hey i was looking at these two bases but i have the oposite problem iv tried the spector but not the musicman. The spector is awesome sounding, fresh and clean with a deep punchy tone to it. a bit like frank sinatra very deep manly voice but sounds good high . the musicman iv only heard on the net and they sound very simaler to me very beefy
Spector legend 4 or

Ibanez btb500+? or SRX 500+?
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