I have a Nashville tele and I replaced the neck pup with a Fralin 2%. It sounds great, but now the n/m position sounds thin. I think this is referred to as "out-of-phase". Wondering what I can do to fix it.

Another question: What does "dark" mean? I thought it meant less output, but all the high output pups are reviewed as louder, but darker...
Are you saying switch the hot and ground of any pup? I tried that when installing the pup and I had no response from it. So if I do another pup it'll be alright?

So dark is more bass, less treble, bright is more treble, less bass?
No diagram, I just went to Fralin's office and bought one from him. The first one had a broken wire and I spent hours trying to figure out why the pup wasn't working, so I'm very familiar with the wiring, so ask away.
Okay, I'll attempt it again. I really wanna put and push pull for n/b and n/m/b as well as a S-1 style system for the in and out phase thing, but after this, I think I'll leave it to the pros.
I've finally got around to this and now there's a buzz depending on how hard I pluck in the neck and neck middle position