ok so two new songs! it's been a while but I'm back to writing the tunage. So please check them out and let me know your honest opinions.

CRIT FOR CRIT! leave me a detailed crit and i will return the favor.

it's on my profile which can be viewed here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/chrisatgrace/

remember : Lion and the Antelope and Battles I've Won
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listenin to battles ive won

great guitar, very distinct style, obviously drawing influence from john mayer
same with voice, very distinct

id recommend trying to use more control, you dont sing out of pitch or anything, but it lacks some control which just comes with even more practice

and i say this only because i struggle with the same thing

the mixing is pretty impressive, the arrangement is not what i expected at all
but its a little busy, its hard to tell where its going. needs more direction
a lot of ideas make it hard to create a dynamic

very good and professional sounding. my main criticism would be its too busy

thanks for the crit on mine, keep playing!
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This normally isn't my music, and I'm not sure if Melo Death is yours but here's my crit:
The guitars sound very John Mayer, maybe some more guitar work (Jazz improv is my thing) would give it more variety.
Whoever does the vocals carries this band, it was a real pleasure listening to them; insanely beautiful. Everything is centered around them.
I am not sure of you're approach but if you are going for a center around the vocals then it totally works. I loved the music man, keep up the good work. It really was a great experience. No negatives really, depending on what you are trying to do!
Thanks man, i actually do all the instrumentation! i'm impressed that you guys play the crazy donkey! haha i love that place.
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Lion and the Antelope: The drums sound very far in the back, they need to come up a bit, especially the high hat & ride, the crash is plenty loud.

Battles I've Won: There are times when the solo & vocals are going together in the verses and it's a bit confusing. The chorus part is pretty cool though.

Overall, it's pretty good stuff, keep up the good work
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Battles I've Won:
Sounds good man. I think the distorted guitar could come up a little bit, at times it sounded like it was doing the most interesting thing but I couldn't exactly hear it as well as I wanted to.
I like the clean guitar part, and the vocals sound good. The choral sound of the vocals at points is a great touch too.
Thanks for the crit
And our singer is 14 btw. Believe me when I say he's the best around
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I listenned to the Lion and the antilope. I don't know why but the chorus remind me of the lion king .. :p

The verses sound like some post rock or something quiet, like kings of convenience. I like the verses =)

I also think that the drums are not into the feeling, but you must have done this with what you had at home! So it doesn't matter!

Nice voice by the way
Thanks for the critique
Very cool I enjoyed it!

Reminds me of the lion king to for some reason xD

I would some fullness to that snare and make them a bit louder (cymbals very loud though haha)
I seriously didn't even know it was a full kit until the end I just thought it was a bass drum and a cymbal haha

You have a great voice!! Just work on the control a little

Very cool man, it's great.
Taking a listen to the lion and the antelope. I reeeaaaaly like the opening progression. I feel the drums could come up in the mix and be mixed a little clearer. but the lead in is cool. I think the lead guitar is a little loud.
Ha dude. Got some lion king schtuff goin on! It's a bit bizarre for me really, but it grew on me through the section. The following bit is nice. Like some 90's rock stuff.
The "I AM THE LION" vocal bit is a little too loud or biting i think. Nice solo passages.

Pretty cool overall dude. Really original. Nice job
Sorry for the late crit, now:
Battles I've Won: Nice acoustic riff, like the tone. Man, your singing sounds really nice, like tone of your voice. Like the song too, sounds fresh and doesn't get repetive. Not the biggest fan of your electric guitar tone. Sounds a bit flat.

Lion and the Antelope: As I said earlier, nice singing. Don't like the way the drums enter this song. Sounds a bit strange. Don't like the way you use the cymbals here either. Like the build up to the refrain, but I don't really like the refrain. Sounds a bit strange. Nice solo.