I have a peavey valveking 112

Will it hurt either the amp or the computer to connect it through the 8 ohm speaker output on the back. I would be hooking it up directly to the microphone jack on the computer.

I just wanted to make sure the signal wouldn't be too strong or anything
yeah, don't do that lol

the impedence on your computers input is going to be nowhere near right and in the end you could damage both your computer and amp.
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you'd kill both the amp and computer. mic it.

what about a peavey rage 15 ss amp....cause i've been doing that all day so far..
bad idea. the speaker output is not meant to run as a line out. the line in is not meant to recieve a signal of that strength. its a bad idea and im suprised you havent broken anything yet if youve been doing it all day.