I'm about to get my first electric guitar rig, a Schecter C1-Plus with a Peavey Vypyr 30W. My only problem is, i'm concerned that even at 1 or 2, the amp will be WAY too loud for an Apartment bedroom.

First, does my fear have any merit? And second, is there anything I can do about it?
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yer its not to loud at 1-2 but once u get it to about 3 the volume kicks in.. but just turn it up slowly and u will find the right level..
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I don't know, since I don't have the amp in front of me, and I'm not sure what Post gain is...isn't that what controls distortion? Cause i'll be doing a lot of heavy stuff.
I'm in a 100 year old boarding house with rediculously thin walls, and i get away with 1-2 in the daytime. If it's still too loud you can stick some headphones in it anyway.

And it makes barely any difference to the tone, sometimes i even think it sounds better with headphones in.
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K good. I've heard wearing headphones throws off your playing (that's just what i read)...true, not true, absolutely rediculous?
post gain is the same as volume, pre gain is distortion just to clear that up

as for headphones, it will sound different but shouldn't throw you off. tone might be a bit different but should still sound fine assuming you have decent headphones
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I got some $50 Seinheiser Ear buds...lol. That's the best I got. I also heard plugging in some Computer Speakers will DRASTICALLY reduce the volume?
Where do people get idea of being too loud? Its not like there's no volume know...

I can understand tyube amps sometimes sound fizzy at lower volumes, well I mean like really low volumes, you can hear it kick in when the get the good low level volume.

However to say something is too loud is ridiculous. Use the volume knob.
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Your vypyr will probably sound better at low volumes, quite honestly. It'll be fine.
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it wont be loud if u keep it at 1-2.
if u r than concerned, get the Vypyr 15
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Though this thread has been dead for a while I think it still of interest.

Now, as I have also had this problem since I got my 30 and no good solution was available, I worked out this mod to resolve it. I have it posted in the Peavey forums.


Check it out and hopefully will help you resolve all your volume issues.

The Vypyr has 2 volume controls. I can make my Vypyr 120H as quiet as a whisper. If any Vypyr is too loud, there's a lot of user error going on.
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I have a Vypyr 15 for travel that when turned past one, yes: it IS far too loud for apartment usage.

Solution? Don't turn the master past 1 when you're practicing at home
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Will I still get a good tone? And would installing an attenuator be worth it

Yes. No.

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K good. I've heard wearing headphones throws off your playing (that's just what i read)...true, not true, absolutely rediculous?

Not true.


Oh crap. This thread is over a year and half old.

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