Yeah, they tried to make another album but it's existance is not confirmed I think.
Interesting article. I'll always love Guns N Roses no matter what the future holds for what little is left. The old albums were ones I grew up on. The new stuff is pretty cool too.

I have no real interest to hear any unreleased material but find it fun to speculate about.
According to Slash in his autobiography, the next GNR album was written. He wrote a bunch of songs, which Axl turned down. Slash made that into the first Snakepit record, It's Five O'clock Somewhere.

Maybe that's what they're referencing?
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I think Chinese Democracy should been a secret album

Could very well be true, its an interesting thought.
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I heard IRS was going to be on the next GNR record, but every left/got fired. Ended up being rearranged and put on CD.
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