For sale is a Fender Blues Junior NOS in mint condition. It is about 1 1/2 years old. It has JJ power tubes and a Ruby Reverb Tank. It also has several BillM mods: Heyboer Output Transmitter, bias adjustment, twin stack, tone stack, power supply stiffening, presence control, high voltage preamp mod, Audio-taper master volume control. If you not familiar with these mod check out http://billmaudio.com/wp/

I am asking for $535.00 plus shipping with stock speaker.

I also have a Eminence GB12 speaker that I will included for an extra $35.00.

More pictures? Soundclips?

How would you compare the sound now compared to stock?
I put only sample I have on profile. Recorded with $20 mic, fender strat, and I don't think the upgraded output transformer had been installed at the time. played with no effects until the solo then i turned on bad monkey od pedal that had drive turned up only a little. Sounds like a bit of reverb was also used!

The upgrades improve bass response (smoother, tighter).

I can put more pictures up, anything in particular you want to look at.
FYI, Blues Junior is only the lead guitar. I played over recording and didn't bother to make a rhythm track because I was just trying out the mic I bought.
You do the mods yourself? Pictures of the circuit board (front and back)?