I'm thinking of getting the Schecter C1-Plus with a Peavey Vypyr 30W. Is there a better guitar for the same price? I play mostly hard, heavy rock with the occasional metal. Think Creed, Alter Bridge, Skillet, Red, Since October, Kutless, with a little Avenged Sevenfold BFMV and All that remains thrown in from time to time.

As far as Schecter C1's go, that one is pretty low. However, for the price it really isn't bad at all. It's a versatile guitar. Does the Vypyr come with it? If so then that's a pretty good deal.
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Nope, my budget's $600. $200 for the vypyr, $400 for the Schecter (which is on sale, originally $600)
Thanks, now I have another guitar to try out at Guitar Center. My only concern with that is 22 frets vs 24 on the schecter, and medium frets vs Jumbo. Also, not sure If i want active Pups or not.

I'll definitely try it out though!
I tried out the 300 dollar Ibanez Artist guitars at guitar center the other day, something like that one, but without the scalloped top, and they were extremely nice and high quality.
I just bought the Schecter Solo 6 Damien for $399. The best guitar I've ever played. I haven't picked up my Hellraiser Sunset FR since I bought my Damien. I highly recommend that one.