At Guitar Center I played a Schecter C1 EA which is a semi-hollow with piezo pickups. It got me thinking more and more that it would be cool to have an electric that can simulate an acoustic sound and immediately switch back to a heavy crunch. The Schecter looked pretty cool, I would plan on changing the magnet pickups still. The piezos on it were alright for strumming chords, but kind of weak when picking individual notes for melodies. This Video , and a few others with EB Music Mans, had more of the sound I'd like.

Can piezo pickups be easily changed out, like magnetic pickups?

Can anybody recommend any pickups, or electric guitars under $1,000 USD with piezos?
no they cant be changed like magnetic pickups because most of the time the piezoelectric pickups are a part of the saddles, you could however change the saddles to some thing like this


I've seen these things for floyds too on ebay