Alright i'm looking for some advice. I'm in the market for a new electric and on a bit of a budget ($650 tops). I think Ive narrowed it down between an epiphone sheraton II, a PRS se of some sort probably the soapbar, an agile 3000, or a MIM tele... an eclectic range i know.

I do mainly singing and rhythm, nothin too fancy. As far as sound goes i like it all, from the beatles and the who, to silversun pickups and social distortion, but i lean towards that classic crunch. And although i play it simple, I love to let loose on some blues when I'm by my lonesome.

at this moment i think i'm going for sheraton, but that can change day to day

thanks for the help, and as always I'm open to suggestions
I'd say stick with the sheraton it really is a great guitar for the price. Maybe look at a thinline tele if you want something that sounds a little different.

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thanks guys, they all look appealing... too many choices!

Ive been looking at that riveira for quite a while, but i think its just a bit much for my needs, and none of my local stores have it in stock which is always a bit of a scare buying without playing.

and Ill definitely check out that prs semi, looks like pure joy haha
Ive heard great things about the artcores but I played one in GC and wasnt too impressed, but it was the 73B, that 93 is probably a whole different bird

thanks again