I'm curious about what i can do to get a nice, solid post-hardcore/metalcore sound. For example, bands like A Day to Remember, August Burns Red, etc. What can i do equipment wise and/or equalizer and tone wise. What works for you guys?
Invest in a new amp
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Tone = amp
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then i can work my magic
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Can't exactly invest in a new amp at the moment :/

That's the only way to get a GOOD metalcore tone. A temporary fix would be to buy a high-gain pedal, but it's not going to sound too great through your Crate.


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well even with that amp it should be able to get something close, id suggest scooping your mids, so crank your bass to a point were its not farty, thats the best way to describe it. put your mids all the way off or just a tad, put your highs at about 8-10 and crank your gain

edit- it is still a crate so im not saying your going to have a great amazing guitar tone but this is in the realms of what you want
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You could just try getting an overdrive and a eq like the Digitech bad monkey and Danelectro fish and chips. Don't know if that will help but it should make your tone better

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Are you sure you can't afford a new amp? A Peavey Vypyr 30 would probably be able to do what you want.
If you can't justify a new amp, a good distortion pedal is your best bet. But ultimately, a better amp is gonna be the best long-term option. Besides, you want a nice amp to show what a nice guitar like that can do!
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what crate amp model is it? crate amps aren't THAT bad, i've played much worse. I happen to think that for the price crate amps sound nice.

my suggestion would be to use the lead/solo channel (whatever your amp calls it) and put the gain to about 5-6 and the shape around 5. Bass around 6-7, mids around 5, treble around 5-6. (assuming your crate amp has similar controls as my glx65 then this should give you a good start).
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Maybe ill have to start looking into a new amp then lol, sounds like the best option. But ill try all of the other things too. Ill tweaking my settings and what not. My amp is a Crate VTX 121 B. It's not completely terrible lol. 120W, a pretty decent sound. Could be much better of course though
Sadly, the best thing you can do for your tone would be to invest in a new amp. You can play post-hardcore/metalcore through any amp, but it's not necessarily going to sound better.
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are you playing live shows? because for years i used a crate glx65 (1x12 combo amp) for live gigs and as long as its mic'd up you're fine and the crate amps can definitely do metal really well. If you are playing live shows and really need the extra power then maybe look into a tube amp or a modeling/tube amp but what you have is fine.

i find a lot of people put down crate amps on this board but they really aren't that bad and for SS's I think they have a good sound, especially if you're using older crate's that were built in the USA.

have you tried the settings i suggested earlier on? how has that been going?
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