alright so here's the low down...
right now im running a tele into a Marshall JCM 600 and Spider 3 both with 4x12 cabs and i a/b the heads, i use the marshall for clean and the spider 3 for the overdriven stuff.
don't judge me on the spider 3, it was my first half stack and i just use what i have and i know how terrible it is.
in the end i would like to be running the jcm 600 with another head into a mesa oversized 4x12 and 2x12 cab or into some 1960's and a/b the heads?
so what head would be great for some straight up modern distortion?
basically i will be selling the spider 3 head and cab and will have about 500 to spend ontop of that?
a blink 182 type sound
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Or if you're on a budget, Raven RG100H

Nah, just kidding. It really shouldn't be too hard to find the sound you're after. Anything with some decent gain on it that doesn't sound like a fuzz box will get you a Blink-sounding tone. Mess with the settings on whatever amp you are using to get a nice crunch-punch sound, shouldn't be too much of a hassle to match it up.
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For pop punk, i would try to find a used Vox AC30, or Marshall 800/900/2000. A peavey classic 30 head will also work.

Also i would think the JCM 600 would be able to do what your want already?
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Grab yourself somthing like a Mesa DC, that should contrast nicely with the Marshall.

I'd ditch the Spider completely for now and run a distortion pedal into your JCM600, it'll sound much better.
Something like a Tube Screamer in front of the Marshall should get you a decent modern punk sound. And play with the gain settings and tone controls. Throw the Line 6 away. No self respecting punk would use computer simulation, the other punks at the pub will chuck shit at you. It just aint right.
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Tom uses two amps. Marshall JCM900 on clean channel with gain at 10, and a Mesa Triple Rectifier on it's dirty channel with the gain on 10.


That was his old rig though, he now uses 2 Vox AC30s for his distortion and 2 Fender '65 Twin Reverbs for his cleans. However, getting the JCM900 or one of the Mesa Rectos might get you a sound closer to his (hell, maybe even exactly like his).

You could also look into a Bogner Alchemist. I played one at Best Buy and got a pretty decent pop punk tone out of it. However for a 40W tube amp it's kinda overpriced ($1250). I think Guitar Center has them on sale currently- I could be wrong though.

EDIT: I shouldn't have mentioned the JCM900, since you already have the 600. Definitely look into the Mesa Rectos though.
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