So heres what Ive got. I spent two days on this (Almost non-stop, about a total of 28 hours). Hope you like it. Im not completely done... Its gonna be way longer. But this is it so far.

Oh and C4C.

EDIT: Holy crap this is the 5th time I forgot the file!!!!
Here it is:
Black and White.gp5
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Critting as I listen.

Really like that intro acoustic. Good stuff. And the lead is nice too. It could probably be a bit better with some more variation in note values/choice.

I like the first riff, but the lead starting at 43 suffers from the same problem as the last one. It needs better rhythm choices I think. I really liked the tremolo picked part however. I think that should be expanded on, made a longer section, cause its really good. I dont think you need to slow it down either; I think with the blastbeats, it'd be better if you kept the trem picking going. just me though.

...and wow, that ended kinda suddenly... A good ending, but I get the feeling there's more to come, no?

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