Just off hand I'm thinking seize the day.
So that with good courage we say, “The Lord is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

-Hebrews 13:6
LEARN THE SONG --UNHOLY CONFESSIONS--!!!!! Its A Great Song Off Of Their First Album(I Think It Was Their First ... maybe second but anyways.....)The Song Is Fun As Hell To Play And Each Guitar Part Seems Hard But Isn't Really Completely Impposible Or Anything...All The guitar Parts Are Just Sweet To Be simple About it ....So Just learn It....LEARN THE WHOLE THING--EVERY GUITAR PART YOU HERE-- AND PLAY IT ALLLL -- IT SOUNDS BAD AS and theirs no Special Tuning Just down to Drop D and it just sounds ad ass and is fun as hell so Get to it and let me know what you think......OH P.S. 1 more thing I Forgot!! Make sure the tab you learn it from (IF YOUR USING TABS) sounds right as you learn it and pplay it ... and make sure it has EVERY PART. IF NOT --USE A BUNCH OF DIF. TABS AND PIECE THE SONG TOGETHER FROM THEM ALL --IT DOESN"T HAVE A COMPLEX EXTREMLY DIFFICULT SOLO OR NUTTIN BUT IT HAS REALLY KEWL BREAKDOWNS AND BRIDGES..etcc.......
Oh Yeah I Forgot To Say Again--let Me Know What You Think If You Do Learn It-- And Let Me Know What You Think
if youre not bad at alternate picking id go with Chapter Four. but id also have to go with seize the day or gunslinger.
already know unholy confessions but thanks man

and alright il check them thanks guys keep em comin