I need help finding out what kinda guitar this is. i got it at a yard sale for 40 bucks form sum old lady couldnt find a model nor serial number anywhere on it. just curious what it is. thanks for the time guys
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i dont know, but its like a toy, dont buy it

it clearly says he got it for $40... =\
yea it was a random buy 40 bucks i got a bunch of guitars nothing fancy but i got it to redo all the elctronics figured it would be a good tinker item. the neck is a nice wood and the body is a good hard wood a lot nicer then the cheap first acts and such.
I've no idea who made it but if its made out of a decent wood keep it as a project. How's the neck, is it warped at all?
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the neck "looks"really nice, It is probably not a factory item, if it were there would be some sort of serial number, or name somewhere in the guitar (remove the neck and check the pocket) but it is most likely something that someone has made. I would be willing to bet on it.
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checkd the neck body was repainted so i couldnt find any serials there. the neck is real nice not warped at all feels good few frets need a little work.i was thinkin it was a homemade or one of the kit guitars or something.
It looks home-made. The body curves and the pickup spacing, as well as the way they are mounted, is unlike any stock guitar, even a cheap chinese one.
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I'd say look into a line of chinese guitars called vipers, there used to be a dollar store that had a gift section in my hometown and they sold these electric guitars for around $100 or so. They seemed like nice guitars and all, just no name brand stuff. Look it up primarily on ebay and see if you find something similar.
Maybe it's a strat copy. Hmmm...

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why dont you ask the woman where she got it from before you bought it from her? perhaps she knows more

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i did ask her she said it was old stuff left in a trailer she rents out. som peopel left with out payi and all there stuff too
well it looks like an old harmony model with a replaced neck. other than that i cant help you