I have friends' write music, and they (in my opinion) suck at it.
I am into metalcore, and what are some of the ways I could have the guitar blend with the lyrics?
What are like some common features in "My Hero Is Me's" music?
I want to have the guitarist (me) also be the singer..
I don't know if this should be in this thread, but I thought it might.
Can't you facade past the truth, and hide the lies?
Write as so the guitar lines compliment the vocals and vice versa. For metalcore Id suggest getting a main vocalist since it would take away from your stage presence having to cover all vocals. My Hero is Me is standard metalcore with basic song structure riff, melody, pre chorus, chorus repeat until song is over. nothing to difficult
The thing about music were you growl and scream, is that the vocals do not supply the melody/harmony. It is provided by the guitar. Therefore:
-listen to your favorite vocal techniques
-write music and put lyrics to it. (what I do is mix and match, write music and write lyrics, then find which lyrics fit which song best)
-Oh...and what does your friends sucking at music have to do with anything?