any warmups, cooldowns, and exersises??
Help me out mates!!
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Play guitar hero/frets on fire. Seriously. It helped me for the first 2 months or so.

Just work on synchronization between both your hands if you're aiming for speed with alternate/economy/sweep picking. Speed will come once both your hands are synched together. For me, I would practice something musical as an exercise so I can use it in my playing, such as scales/arpeggios, and not play mindless chromatics and weird atonal exercises.

If you want to execute fast legato lines, aim to make your fingers stronger. Do stuff like trills and rolls (57875 for example of a roll) and legato scales (up: hammer-ons, down: pull-offs)
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I think it would help alot if we knew what level your at right now

Oh crap sorry (:
I'm a beginner, i can't play very well, but I want to learn as much as I can. So yeah Novice (:
Can't you facade past the truth, and hide the lies?
Chromatic exercises are helpful to warm up. I practice finger stretches and odd chord shapes to warm up. Done at about 3-4 notes per second, these exercises can be a nice way to get my hands ready for the apocalypse that is to come.

Honestly, however, speed is a byproduct of accurate practice. If you want to play a specific passage or lick at some ridiculous tempo, you will learn fastest by starting ridiculously slowly and building up muscle memory and accuracy rather than trying to just burst through whatever it is you are attempting.
chromatic exercises with a metronome
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John Petrucci's Rock Discipline. Awesome DVD for developing technique.
Also, move minimally and efficiently - don't have any unnecessary tension, and move your fingers as little as possible off of the fretboard, while also picking with small motions (many 'fast' players aren't necessarily fast, but move less and more efficiently).

Additionally, working on your chords will build dexterity in your hand, and all the chromatic and modal permutations will benefit your synchronization if attempted correctly.

But remember; stay musical, and don't just focus solely on speed and technique. Best of wishes.
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any warmups, cooldowns, and exersises??
Help me out mates!!

Forget about "faster".

Guitar is not about speed, it's about control - the more control you have over your actions the more efficient you'll be and the quicker you'll be able to execute things. At the moment this is all new to you, you're asking your hands to do stuff they don't understand and as a result you're about as co-ordinated as an octopus on rollerskates. On acid.

This is completely normal, it takes a long time to get used to the feel of the guitar. The important thing is to understand the fundamentals behind what you're doing, which is ultimately training your hands to perform certain actions in the most controlled, efficient way possible. That means you need to start really slowly and pay close attention to what you're doing. Remember, you want to be as controlled as possible and that control needs building from the ground up. If you keep "trying" to move your hads faster you never get any better, you need to be patient and give yourself time to develop the necessary control and dexterity which will gradually allow you to play faster.
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get familiar with all the various fretting patterns you'll encounter(all the minor shapes, major, pentatonic, whole tone, chromatic) trilling exercises, diminished scales, whole tone scale, harmonic minor, and get familiar with all these and gradually increase speed with them, until your at the desired level, then just increase as you feel necessary. Hope this helps.