to whom it may concern

earlier this morning i built a fire a few feet away from my front porch
the closet in my hallway was emptied piece by piece
every over priced department store button down
got tossed into a wheel barrel along with those sunglasses i used four times
as i rolled the single wheel down the few steps of my porch
on to the walkway where the kindlin was warming up
i thought of why i needed all of these things
it wasn't until now that i did
right now they gave me fire
a burning passion to move on and far beyond

the nieghbors called the police without hesitation
when they pulled into my perfectly shoveled, and squared away drive way
i started to cry like i never had before

money and time,
people and problems

mind your own business, and let me tend to mine
i'll poke it with a stick
and feed it until its fat and hurts to touch
just like my mother did to her body when she fell out of touch
so i poked her with phone calls to tease and appease
but she talked about herself
until everything she offered turned into one of those commercial logs
the ones wrapped in nice paper that glows DURAFLAME from two sides
she burned out in my mind so quick
that my body got as cold as her heart.

she's just as bad as the rest of them
every birthday i got fifty bucks in a card
but i'd only spend it on things that weren't so nice and didn't last so long
just so the thought of her wouldnt either
i'd drink her love, pass it around to the girl next to me
then piss it out before the hour ended.

she's the reason why i can't hold a relationship together
because i want to get it out as fast as i put it in.

i wish i loved you. i told grandpa i don't love you. he understands. he's old, doesn't dress to nice, and already gotten all he can out of life. i'm jealous. goodnight.

Quote by ottoavist

i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror