So I've been trying to experiment with noise music. I'm more of a metal head, but I enjoy Sonic Youth, Neptune, and other noise bands, as well as solo noise artists. I can get feedback easily, and I can place it in good places in songs. The problem is: I can't manipulate the noise well. Like I see bands like Sonic Youth and hell, even the Melvins or Tool can manipulate their feedback to make cool sounds and I really can't. Not to mention bands like Neptune have all these home made effects and stuff... I mean I can't make that stuff! And they had to have started somewhere, early Neptune sounds like they had almost no effects pedals and now they have like a whole freakin system of it lol.

Could anyone help?
When I get some feedback I like to pound on the body of my guitar, it makes the strings rattle a bit. I don't know why my guitar isn't broken yet.
You can strike the strings above the nut, that's pretty neat. Also, Shaking the guitar while it's getting feedback can do a little something. I'm sure theres more things I know, But I don't remember right now
One trick I love is crank everything, then lightly tap your guitar. The strings will start to ring louder and louder to give that wailing effect used at the start of a lot of songs.
i see you dont have a trem unit on your guitar, and that is usually a good way to manipulate it. try this, once you get your feedback going, stand right in front of your amp, and like someone said pluck the strings above the neck. also, when you have some feedback, push the guitar towards you with your picking hand and with your fret hand push the neck out, this literally bends the neck, lowering all pitches, should sound cool
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