Hey there people. I have a heavily modded Squier Strat that I am planning on putting some new strings on from the 10's I currently have. First, let me tell you what I've done.

First off, I stuck a new pick guard in it, simple. Then I replaced the pickups from the crappy stock ones that were in there to some nice CS 69's. This made the Squier not sounds like a Squier at all haha . Then I just went ahead and tossed a nice Fender neck on there, jumbo frets and 10" radius. If you haven't guessed yet I'm quite the SRV fan.

I want to put .13's on this guitar, and I will do it no matter what, I just want to know exactly how to set up my guitar to handle this kind of stress, whatever modifications or anything that needs to be done can be done by me, as I am perfectly capable of most guitar-related modification jobs.

Thanks in advance!

PS. I'll be tuning down to Eb most of the time to allow my fingers some leeway. I am also aware of the difficulty of this size of strings, as I've regularly used an electric with 11's tuned in standard, and an acoustic with 12's, also tuned in standard.
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All you need to do is adjust the truss rod tension, possibly file the nut, adjust the intonation, and adjust the trem claw (and possibly add a spring or two). These are all things you can find in the setup thread in the electric guitar section, and are, with the possible exception of the nut filing, very basic things that any guitarist should know how to do.
Hey thanks for the response! like i said i can do whatever needs to be done, i just wasn't quite sure if there was anything extra that would need to be done. I knew i would have to file the nut, i was planning on getting a new one anyways. ha. so thank you! pretty much answered my question.
I'm Drivin South

If you wanna get to heaven you gotta raise a little hell.