Hey guys, I recorded some tracks and would like to know what you think. All instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals) were recorded by me.


Edit: considering it's a facebook page, if anyone is on facebook and happens to like my tunes i would greatly appreciate it if you 'became a fan' (if you really like it you could even suggest to friends...!) alright even self promotion, thanks in advance for any responses.
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Hey, these are some real nice little tunes here!
Funky thing has a real nice chill vibe going on, I really like the guitar work. Hippity Hoppity bunny is really different, but definitely original. Molly Malones is really cool, you could use a tad work on the timing in that. It got like this crazy chinese yet latin kind of feel. This one's my favorite, it's just so ****ing cool haha. I'm not crazy for the part around 1:55, but still, sweet song dude.

These are some really original tunes dude, I really like how creative and different they are, not only from other music, but with each other too. Especially Molly Malones, that's some hot stuff, really.

The quality is pretty rough, and the guitars could use a bit work timing and tone-wise (they could also use more volume). Anyway, you deserve better comments than the one's your friends have given you. I'd def become a fan n all if i was on fb.

I've got a new song too, it's pretty long, but I'd be real happy if you got the chance to listen all the way thru and give me some feedback.
I agree with the review above. Biggest problem is just recording quality. Timing mostly, and sometimes the guitars sound muddled, almost like they're being played in the next room over from the microphone. Try a click track when you record, it will help keep everything in line.

Molly Malones is really cool and probably the best one you've got. Hippity Hoppity Bunny is also musically neat, love the piano work. Acoustic # has a lot of potential, fill it out some more... I'm a bit partial, but may I suggest a string section?

Overall, some quality stuff, dude!

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You have some great ideas going there.

As mentioned above, recording quality and timing are most definitely your biggest problems. Other than that, I picked up a few notes in songs that sounded slightly out of place, if you know what I mean. Not that it really matters, though, as after repeated listens they just blended in with the songs.

It may just be recording quality, but I really love the sound of the piano on the songs. Its sort of ethereal, and really adds to the "feel" of the track.

With some work, Iron Maiden Tribute could turn out to be quite something, although apart from timing issues, the harmonies around 2:45 sound rather traumatic. I would consider re-writing them, to make the lines clash a little less. I also felt that the song could've ended a little more strongly.

Love the bassline on Against All Odds, although the guitar around 0:26 and 1:15 definitely sounds a bit off, and the section leading into 1:15 sounds a little random as well. Other than that, its a pretty decent song.

Just for the sake of having a favourite, mine was Molly Malones. With a bit of work, it could be amazing also

Excellent work

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Hey man, thanks for the crit!
Took a listen to some of your stuff...

Funky thing... i like where this one went. It was real nice when the piano came in.

Molly Malone... this one's real cool! It sounds like it could be on Mike Oldfield's album QE2 (maybe you should check this album out for some inspiration?)
I like the changes in this tune.

Acoustic# ... just beautiful!

Everything sounds real nice, and I hate to say the same things as everyone else but the timing is definitely an issue. but i know you're aware of that.
Keep it up! And once again thanks for the crit, you gave me some good stuff to think about.
Its a great start mate, you've got some really cool ideas there. Timing could be improved but that will definately come the important thing is you have some great ideas, enjoyed the listen, looking forward to hearing more!
theres the odd timing thing here and there. but you gots good ideas. love acoustic.....maiden song was cool as well. i need me one of these facebook pages i didn't nw they did em.
i also think the funky thing was real good. Had a real good groove to it. The piano seemed a little out of place to me imo I really do not know a lot about funk though. But i liked the envelope filter alot had a great funk sound to it. They are all pretty good tunes they remind me of music you listen to when on hold on a phone. crit my music if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1264257
funky thing: guitar tone is a little too midly...more trebble and more funk. timing is a little awkard. drums sound good. are they real? nice. piano sounds good. is guitar your second instrument? anyways cool ideas, but they need better execution.
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thx for the reviews guys, if i owe you a crit ill get to it as soon as i can.

i know timing is a big issue, but its gettin better so im happy with my progress. on the mention of the piano, i only started piano very recently and my playing is somewhat sketchy so a couple wrong notes are very plausable. as mentioned somewhere else, guitar is technically my first instrumnet, but i took off on drums quite a bit more, and played quite a bit of bass, so by no means would i consider guitar my first instrument. on the drums, they arnt 'real' per se, its a yamaha electric kit, so i played those parts on a kit, but not an acoustic kit.
i checked out Funky Thing and Hippity Hoppity Bunny and all i can say is i loved them. Definitely some music that makes me feel good. If i could say one thing, it would be in some parts the timing is mildly out a little. but its barely noticable.

EDIT: oh hey i just listened to Acoustic #, and that is by far my favorite. Very well done.

Sorry for the delay!

Yeah it's pretty cool, it reminds me a lot of Electric Six. Dick Valentine would make a funny song out of Funky thing for example.

I like how you mixed the instrument, it's very electro, good job !

Nice Iron maiden tribute, i thought it would be too quiet, but at the end it's pretty cool

You have good composing/ aranging skills!

Good luck for the rest!
Thanks for giving me a crit
Okay, so on Funky Thing your tone definitely needs a lot of work. You might want to try adding some mids and treble and touching up the effects. The writing is very solid though, and it sounds awesome. Molly Malone is great too, with an awesome tone starting off, and really good piano melody. Throughout most of your songs, you have a tendency to use a bit too many drum fills. In Hippity Hoppity Bunny, especially in the very beginning, your bass frequencies are jam packed. It starts to become a bit mushed, and I think you might need to spread out your range, like you do towards the end. Between the bass drum, the bass, and the bass parts on the piano, it's too much.
However, you, sir, are an awesome composer. Loved Acoustic #.
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Listening to "Funky Thing". Good recording quality especially for the drums. The guitar sounds a little muffled. Really like the vibe -- very chill. But I think you could make it much better with vocals and a better mic to record guitar
thx guys for the crits. not breaking into too many fills is always something i have to keep track of when recording. the jam packed frequency thing is a good point, i do have a tendency to fill up songs too much, and im working on improving my tone.
just listened to acoustic #

it was really good but i think introducing a few more melodies would make the song a lot better, but thats just me and its really awesome as is.

check my stuff out?
thanks a lot guys, yeah i've always considered acoustic number a working progress, every so often i add a little line to it, i'd like to find a singer to add some vocals to it, since my singing is also very much a working progress