Hey all, I'm in the process of trying out for a local band. I suck at learning songs by ear. I know that I'm skilled enough to play the song, I'm just having trouble learning it by ear. The band was cool enough to send me a studio demo of just the rhythm guitar. It would be super cool if someone was willing to tab this out for me if they have the free time. I don't know the best way to send tabs exactly, but my email is PerfectChaos337@Gmail.Com and the song can be streamed here: Life Between Sleep - Surgery In Canada Rhythm Guitar Demo

Thanks UG!
mm, id like to help u, but its a bit long, so it'll take me a couple of days, but i dont know, sometimes i hear 2 guitars, but i guess ur after the rythm guitar right?

btw, do u know if the song is in standard tuning? drop d? drop c? half step down? or anything like that?
u could save me some time =)


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Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm assuming (not sure though) that it's going to be in a dropped tuning, just by the style of music alone (since its an "emo/metal/hardcore-ish styled band). I think there's 2 guitars in the intro, but it might just be chords quickly going to that short lead. There's a video of some dude playing it floating around that can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlNNJiM8v_k I think this dude plays too much of the lead parts though.