The song that I have uploaded for all of you to hear goes by the moniker of nothing. This is music that is made every night in a little studio, in a little backwoods town you've probably never heard of. While the music is not structured at all, it has a semblance of normality. All bass lines, drum fills, guitar riffs, and vocals are completely improvised. As of now this band is a concept, and the music reflects that. It needs to be listened to as the concept that it is, however, with the music being a collaboration of 4 separate people, each in their own band. What I want from you, the UG community, is to tell me whether or not I should pursue this concept (do you like it? is it intriguing?) or should we start making actual songs (Can you see any good individual songs in the mix?). I hope you all enjoy it, and I want some good feedback from you all! Help me get something new off the ground!

The song is in my profile under, "Nothing".

EDIT: If you like the concept check out my blog. I'm going to be chronicling the band. Hopefully you will got some interesting music out of it all!
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