so im trying to get a motorhead tone on my guitar,but ive had no luck,so how can i get a motorhead tone on my guitar/amp watever?

amps a v-tone gmx 2102 if it matters

EDIT:Sorry for wrong thread no sleep tonight
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To be honest,your going to struggle to get a Motorhead tone with that amp.I'm assuming that if you have an amp like that,your going to have a guitar of pretty similiar qaulity.
I'm also assuming your talking about the best line-up of Motorhead,which is of course the Ace Of Spades line up
Eddie Clarke used a strat (Probably with a humbucker in the bridge) and like many guitarists of that era,amplification was most likely the biggest pile of Marshalls they could be bothered with,cranked to high heaven (everything louder than everything else).
If you really want a motorhead sound in your bedroom,save your dough fo a small tube amp and decent guitar with a humbucker (epi or Agile Lp,Mexi HSS strat).
If not,bridge pick-up on your guitar,bass at 7 or 8,mids at about 4 and treble at 7 or 8.Actually that's a nasally little starter amp,roll that down to 6 :p
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Start out with one of the Marshall models, or any of the more rock based models and work it out from there. Keep in mind that you might not be able to sound just like it. Try dialing in more mids and treble as well.

Oh and ask these kind of questions in Ultimate Settings next time.
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ahh that sucks,well i think i can try out the guitar thing though cuz mine has dual humbuckers (or does it have to be one)
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One time I saw a flower and said "Thats pretty."

My dad responded "Pretty gay..."

No, all you need is a bridge humbucker.
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