I want to buy an acoustic guitar that only comes right handed, but problem is i am a left handed player. i am aware i can just flip the strings around, but that leaves the problem of putting a strap on. My question is about putting pegs on so that i can play with a strap.
Most acoustics only have a strap pin on the end, and you tie the other end to the headstock.
If it has a pickguard it wont look very good though.
Remember to change the nut around too.
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And possibly the bridge if it has compensated bridge as some acoustics do.
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Quote by Darkdevil725
Just buy a left handed acoustic. Here is a link to some nice ones that dont cost much.

I see no link.
i didnt realize it would cost that much to convert it but this pretty much answers all my questions and thanks for the link... btw horsemen the link is where it says points2shop