I'm trying to discover the brand/model of the classical guitar my dad got in college... but I have very little to go on. There's no brand, no serial number. Inside, it simply says "classical" in a nice cursive-y font. The only other distinguishing marks are the "Made in Japan" sticker on the back of the headstock and the small metal plate that says "steel reinforced neck", situated on the headstock just above the fingerboard.

He would have gotten it about 30 years ago but I don't know whether he bought it new or used so it might be older than that.

I don't know what else could help distinguish it...

I'm not expecting it to be worth anything or rare, actually I'd expect it to be quite common and worth not much at all, but I'm curious as to what it actually is.

Don't have any pics right now, but might be able to get some up later.
Post pictures, It'll be 500% times easier cause I have a Strat Type guitar made from a company in Germany. Its about 30-40 years old, its not in the best condition or anything but they said i could get 2,000 for it if I tried hard enough and 1,000 if i just watned rid of it. Still have it.
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