The flower is dying, and so is our time,
We have to make actions, that will decide our lives,
Not just us, the entire world, Earth is slowly dying.

(Faces to me, What should we do?)


Dreaming, Dreaming of a better world,
Saving, saving our little Earth.
But people don't belive us,
they think we are serpentines, and
spies that have been sent to tell lies,
the longer we're at it, they think we are mad.


We are doing it,
And I feel ashamed,
panic evolves around us,
Although it's gonna take a long time,
We got to make haste, and decide our acts.
something just dont seem to click. another verse maybe?
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cool, two reports in one thread. You, sir, are a superstar.



i'm a superstar
no, this is supposed to be a short song... and besides, i just wrote this when i played guitar. sounded good, so i wrote it down. It's pretty much instrumental, so you'd expect it to be a short lyric