I don't have a guitar port, just a microphone for my computer, and it's one of the thirty dollar headset mics...

Can I still record my guitar through my amp with somewhat decent clarity? or is there a way to make my own guitar port? * has solder and old silicon boards*
Nope. Headset mics are meant to record voice, not guitar. Good luck getting a decent quality sound.

Just spend the few bucks for a decent interface & mic.
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Well then you're not going to get any decent quality recording. Simple.
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When I first started recording I used a computer headset mic going into the sound card. I soon upgraded (haha!) to a goosenecked computer mic so I could position it a little more easily. It sounded godawful of course, but it worked. You would get a better result pluging your guitar straight into the soundcard & recording clean and using VST amp simulators (see the sticky) - not a good result, but better than recording with the headset mic.
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