Today, in the place we all know as the pit, a scandal went down, In which a TS decide to troll us all, making up a phony story about his internet stalking problems and how his heart was broken. the pit immediately sensed something was wrong. This scandal consisted of hacked photobucket accounts, porn sites and Ireland. but it was solved by some mastermind UGer's who will forever be remembered.

MVP(s): skaterskagg1 and coryclok
Great helping hand(s): Tuner Addict and Neo Powell
Honorable Mention: vintage x metal

Great job guys
that thread was too long to read. This leads to the conclusion that i really do not care.

I hate the 10's already, shitty threads spawning all over.
The corners of your mouth feel dry and rather itchy, don't they?

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oh btw:
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What about those of us who provided comic relief?
edit:Theres been a twist!

Ahh. Good point. Great job to the funny ppl.