Hi, i recently bought a new guitar with a LFR, now the other day i tuned it down to dop c and put a set of 11-49 elixer's on. I set up up properly, but after playing a few songs and tuning it, a string popped out of the string block. It was tightened properly so i am completely puzzled why it occured. The next day i played again, this time a different string with the same problem.

Does anyone know what could be going wrong?
cheers for any help or advice possible
Either the tension isn't actually levelled out evenly and properly across both the strings and the springs, you're not actually tightening the blocks properly, or the blocks have become stripped/the strings have worn a groove in the blocks (often a problem with the low E and A strings when using a thicker gauge).

Double check all your adjustments, make sure it is actually set up right and doesn't just look set up right. Re-tighten the blocks and try again. Take a closer look at the blocks to see if the screws for them have been stripped or if the front of them has become worn. You can buy replacement blocks cheaply if they have become damaged in any way.
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this has happened to me before, turned out i wasnt loosening the block enough so i wasnt able to push the string in completely. make sure you feel the string go into the block proplerly and it should be ok.
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I agree with both Mr Fribble and dan ramP.

This is a common problem especially if there is dirt clogging it up so the blocks stick and do not go back far enough. The only other thing I can say is if you still have strings slipping out it might be time to replace the blocks because they have worn. Last You also want to see if either the screws or threads are not stripped. I have seen people who over tighten these and strip the hell out of them. I got one guitar my Squier Showmaster where the previous owner didn't cut the ends off the strings jammed them in the Floyd and trashed the blocks by over cranking them trying to hold the string in place. I replaced the blocks and one stripped screw and it works fine now.

You can get a block set pretty cheap I usually buy All Parts replacements. I have had to do it on a few Floyds both LFR and OFR trems. Luckily Floyds are common enough that there are plenty of replacement parts available the only problem is sometimes OFR and LFR are always not the same as far as the threads and screws go. I like to bring the guitar to the shop with me so I can test the fit first.

Since you state that you recently bought the guitar, are you new to Floyd Rose tremolos? I ask because one thing that can cause the strings to pop out of the clamp blocks is if you cut the ball end of the string off, but leave the wire wrap that held it on still on the string. If you do that, the clamp will grab onto this piece of loose wire and your string may slip free. Cut the entire wrapped end of the string (about 1/8 of an inch) from the ball end so that the string is completely clear, and then clamp it into your Floyd. That may solve your problem.