hi i got a 50w tube Ashton Bluetongue amplifier.

When i run my delay pedal through the fx loop, when i turn the amps master volume past a certain point (around 2 oclock) its starts to make a high pitched squeal. Maybe microphonic? Its a brand new amp. Is this kinda thing normal?

Thanks heaps!
It is normal to get extra noise on high volume levels, and it's more probable when the amount of stuff in the signal increases.

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are you referring to feedback? as this high pitched squeal? or is it something completely different.. if its feedback it happens if its something else you might have a problem
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1) You're probably too close to the amp, causing feedback.
2) You have too many pedals active in the FX loop. I start getting a high pitched hissing when I have my Comp. Sustainer, Phase Shifter, and Metal Muff active at the same time, but I have a noise suppressor to keep things from getting out of hand. That, and I never have a practical purpose for having them all active at the same time. Turn off a pedal or two.
3) Your amp is getting interference from space aliens who are trying to probe your brain via RF transmitters*

*Not actually a probable cause of anything.
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the high pitch squeal went away today now the amp makes just a really loud noise, similar to guitar feedback, when the master volume is at 10. lol