ive found an easy guitar tab for the intro to sunshine of your love and i can play it fairly well, but my amp dosent sound any good while im playing. could some one tell me where my gain, treble, middle and base settings should be.also should the boost button should be on or off and what volume wold sound cool

the only thing i can find on my amp about the makers is ACL, england im new to guitar so i realise this is not the the best equipment ever

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Ultimate settings thread.

The tone is dubbed the Woman tone. It was achieved via a cranked Marshall and a Gibson SG guitar in the middle position. The treble pickup tone control is rolled completely off and the volumes are set to taste.

The tone is easy to replicate with a moderate gain setting and the neck pickup of a Stratocaster. With humbuckers, the tone is harder to get and you might have to dial in more treble or less bass to compensate.
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