How is this amp? You can find it used for pretty cheap (most of the time under $1000). How much gain is there compared to the Dual? Styles I play include prog, hardcore, metal, rock, etc.

I'm pretty much just looking for a thick heavy tone. I'd be using an OD to boost/tighten up the tone.
I find the Singles harsher and a bit flubbier than the Duals and the Triples but otherwise, they sound similar. I think for what you do, the amp might be worth looking into.
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If you're looking for a high-gain amp of 50-60 watts I'd look into the ENGL Fireball, not the Single Recto. The gain is way tighter on the Fireball and the cleans are shinier too. It's not very EQ-able without a proper pedal or rack EQ, but it sounds tight on its own in any case.
I love the single rectos. Personally, I'd check out a Rect-o-Verb instead ( a bit of reverb is great and really broadens the tone if that makes any sense). I've found they have more than enough gain for pretty much anything and if you know how to tweak them, they are very versatile too.

WARNING: this amp CAN and does sound good, but only if you know how to set it. If you **** up the EQing it can sound like total shite, so make sure you know what you're doing. My mate took a year before he could get usable tones out of his (but he is a bit of a n00b).
Rect-o-verb is a fantastic amp. PLENTY of gain. Make sure you dial in those mids, very important with Mesa. No mids = no tone.
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I was looking at the Rect/Trem-O-Verbs too. I know that rect-o-verb = single rec with reverb, and trem-o-verb = dual rec with reverb and tremolo.

I've been seeing some Trem-O-Verbs on ebay. Are they the same as the older 2ch Dual Recs, just with reverb/tremolo?
I'm not sure of the relationship between the Trem/Rect-O-Verbs and the 2-Channel Duals, but I don't imagine that they use the same transformer (which was one of the main things that makes the 2-Channel Dual so popular). Having said that, everyone who has tried a Trem-O-Verb and compared it to a Single/Dual/Triple Recto seems to much prefer the Trem-O-Verb.

Personally, if I were checking out Rectos, I'd go with a Roadster or Road King, but third on my list would come a Trem-O-Verb.
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