So this is a Marshall JCM2000.

It's an all-tube, 40w guitar amplifier. It has two independent channels, with a boost for the lead channel that Marshall tried to pass off as another channel . Decent amount of gain on tap. Great, great clean tones. Warm, fat, and lush. The onboard reverb is lacking for more experimental things, but as an "always-on" type thing, it's sufficient for my needs.

The best part? I got this completely free. I have a bass playing friend who just bought a Bogner Alchemist, and he decided to give this (practically new) amp to me. Awesome guy, needless to say.

Pic with my Jaguar Special.
Lucky bastard.

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Very cool for free! Great friend
Wouldn't pay a cent for anything by marshall, but if you got it for free, have fun!
aww what a nice dude .

i wasnt SO lucky, i got my 201 cheap as hell off my ex-girlfriends dad. they are AWESOME amps for rock etc

hope it serves you well.

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Very cool for free! Great friend
Wouldn't pay a cent for anything by marshall, but if you got it for free, have fun!

I actually expected the amp to be supremely underwhelming, but it totally defied that. It really is a great little amp.
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Nice find man.
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Nice score.
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Also nice reflection in the guitar
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I have the same amp and love it, although i will be swapping out the speaker for a V30 soon.
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