This is weird, i cant learn songs anymore, i dont understand why, so my new practice method, open up a scale on guitar pro, memorize it, its run's, good licks/riffs, and practice till fast, is that a.. decent way to self teach? Or should i just knuckle down and learn songs?
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That's probably a good thing to do because it gets you used to many differnet scales and licks that go with them etc, which would be good for imprrovisation and writing your own songs. However it is not good to only practise that, you should practise chords and rhythm and the theory behind the scales as well.
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Do both, have fun ALWAYS, thats the key
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Maybe you just hit a rut. Sounds like you've got a pretty good method. I just practice fun stuff when I'm feeling n00bified.
Yeah i agree with the first two. It's good to know scales cause it helps with original songs and improvisation but you also need to know the theory so you know how to move around the neck with different scales and how they fit in to certain chord progressions.
And also keep learning songs too cause that will help broaden your horizons.
I think that's a pretty damn practice routine keep it up and you'll be touring in no time!
You should do both, so you can play technical songs (for example, Paul Gilbert songs) and at the same time you can follow a method or a DVD (for example "A modern method for guitar" by Leavitt William or "Rock Discipline" by John Petrucci)

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It's a good thing to do, but i personally would find it extremely boring and tedious only learning scales, which would put me off playing. But if you find it interesting and don't get bored by it then by all mean it's a good way to practise building up speed and technique. I would say do learn songs though because then you can see how scales are put into effect and you can use other techniques rather than single note scales.
Practicing scales can be part of your overall program, but I wouldn't make it 100%. You should spend time learning songs, transcribing, learning technique, improvising, etc.

I have a suggestion for scale practice. Practice your scales over a chord progression so you can hear how the notes sound over chords. That's going to be important for your improvising. And don't just play up and down the scale, play in sequences, play in 3rds, 4ths, etc.

I'd also suggest getting really comfortable with a scale before moving on to other scales. By comfortable, I don't mean just knowing how to find the notes on the guitar, I mean to really know how to use it to compose or improvise. Just learning a bunch of scale patterns without knowing how to use them is a close to a waste of time.
^ Good advice. Something learned well is worth a hundred of something just skimmed over.

Bottom line - do both. Running scales will help your dexterity, and if you're doing it with an enquiring mind improve your music theory. But these are just the raw materials of your playing. To do something with them - put it all together, you have to work on songs too.
You know, sometimes I get that too man. It's always a good thing to go through your scales before playing songs. I go through them and practice alternate picking, which I've gotten down pretty good. In fact, I made a solo yesterday going through the pentatonic scale and didn't even realize it till today when i looked it up. So I think it's a good thing what youre doing.
I would say: learn and practice things you like. Don't practice scales cuz everybody says so, only if you think yeah learning scales lead me to... So did I never practice open chords real well cuz i wanted to play metal and not some "stupid" open chord Bob Dylan song. Playing the things you like keeps playing interesting and growing as an guitarplayer you will come across things you WANT to learn because YOU need them. Hope that make sense.
That's ok as long as you actually know what it is you need to learn - because a lot of guitarists, like yourself, don't.

For example, you need to know chords inside and out because even if you're not going to play them you'll be playing over them.
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