M planning to change my pickups for the 1st time n m completely confused if its the right thing to do.
I mostly play classic rock, rarely metal n other genrez. After reading a few reviews I have decided on:
Neck : Duncan PhatCats
Bridge: EVH Frankanstine

Please advise on the combo -

(As per the guitarz lookz from a nickel plated to black plastic pickups, i m already repainting it)

[Jackson Randi Rhodes Flying V, Marshal MG15CD amp, Zoom g9.2tt pedal]
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I had duplicate pickups which i found out just 2 days back, after stripping it for repainting- & i cant do anything about it since i bought it 7-8 years back. (Duplicate as in - the guy who sold it to me took the Jackson pickups of n put in god know what?) I have played on other guitars mostly with active pickups like emg - but now i prefer the sustained thick clean sound

though the evh'z r not that smooth n dont sustain - but that's good to in a oldies kinda way -
does anyone have any opinion on the P-rails instead of the Phat Cats. I mean i haven't played on both, just heard em on the s-duncan site- I m not hell bent on the p-90 sound - the cats did sound better on clean bridge
Whatever you put in it won't make any difference at all through that 15 watt mg.
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I also use a line6 75w (not mine) to play at band prac, etc. dunno how much difference that makes with the pickup quality tho- mostly use the same guitar with its old hissing pickups.
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