Hi guys,

Been browsing the site for a while now but only just joined, and this is my first post.

I''ve been looking at getting a parlor sized guitar for some blues playing (plus the small size would be an advantage) and just wondered if anyone had any experience of the Hudson ho-stde Electro-Acoustic?

Hudson ho-stde

I was planning on going for an Epiphone el-00, but wondered if there's any point going for the electro instead?

Or would it be better to go for the Epiphone, and if I decide I need it amplified, modify it?

Thanks for feedback in advance,

Well with my experience, for a guitar company that "copies" another, epiphone has some gems and most of the time people I know are usually satisfied with their purchase.

Also I'm not sure if your looking for only acoustic but if your looking on the electric side and smaller (thinner) necks, you can definitely look at a Fender Telecaster, every time I go to the studio to record my clean sound sounds right off a blues track. And I love telecasters but thats just my preference. (I play pop-punk/post-hardcore mind you)

Also a hollow body might also be good for blues, like a ES-330 body. Epiphone arch-tops usually sound pretty solid when coming to specific genre playing.

Hope this helps.

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Never heard of one in my life.. But then again, I've only started a year ago haha. That guitar looks gorgeous, especially the bottom left one, TS, if you got one of those, I'd be jealous. I'm not really that into guitar makes, I just buy guitars for looks . I personally think you should just get the Epiphone, unless your planning on doing gigs? If its just for yourself, then Epiphone will be loud enough. I have an Electro, & I never plug in, its perfectly loud enough to annoy my friends & family . But yeah, Epiphone has won my vote.

EDIT: ^^ This man knows what he's talking about
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Thanks for the replies guys...

You've all echoed the thoughts that have been knocking about in my head.... so not much use really!! Only joking

Think I'll probably stick to my 1st choice then....the Epiphone. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and as you say even though it's a copy....I've not heard many bad reviews.

Now just got to save up the money...

Thanks again,

i'm not familiar with this brand, but i am familiar with epiphone, and they're generally not that well made and have a meh sound. in this price range, electronics mean a lower quality guitar, so i wouldn't mess with them - you can always add them aftermarket.

the hudson specs sound good to me, too, but in person some guitars that "read" well don't sound good or have issues. that being said, everyone has a different type of sound they want, and sometimes it depends. i have a parlor - a seagull coastline grand - and it sounds nice if you're into the sound of parlors or play softly. that being said, virtually every review says it's louder and has more bass than you'd expect, but i didn't find that to be the case.