I got this thing a year ago and I still don't know how to use it. Basically I just want to record something but the problem is that when I do record something, the volume is really low.

Here's what I'm talking about:

My settings:

I've tried recording with other various programs such Reaper and Audacity so I'm guessing the problem is not Ableton. The volume knob of the guitar is turned up as well as the knobs on the UX2.

Can someone help me out here? I'm not that technical so if you can try to not to use terms I won't understand.
Run gearbox or Pod Farm, assuming you want some amp modelling and not just to record the direct input of your guitar which is what you appear to be doing there.

Also crank the output knob on the UX2 if you havn't done so already.
That does solve it when I use my electric but what if I'm trying record my acoustic? I have a mic set up and when I play the guitar right in front of it I still get low sound.
For the acoustic, just keep Pod Farm open without any modeling and see if that helps. Or you could always just use one of the vocal models, they don't really change what you record very much.
Increase the Mic Gain settings on the UX2.
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Two things- read the manual that came with it! If there isn't a paper one, there's definitely a pdf on the disc or on their website.

-if you want some tips for making guitar-based rock songs in Ableton, go to the official ableton thread here in R&R and check out this little video I made that explains it in a bit of detail. Should get you off to a good start once you have the basics down!
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I figured it out somewhat. Electric works fine, I have no sounds problems with that. When I try to record with the mic though, it's a bit different.

I use POD farm, and when I use the Basic Vocal Tone preset to record, I get bad volume as low as before. When I use Basic Guitar Tone though, it works fine. Why is this? Also.. mic gain has to be up to max to get decent sound, but if I turn the knob to the middle, it's really bad just like before- is that normal?
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what mic are you using? Does it require phantom power. Have you recorded anything else with that mic?
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Have you tried playing/singing louder?
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Yes. Besides another thing I've noticed is when I record something and listen to it afterwards, I hear a lot of static even when I'm not playing anything. That's not normal right? Doesn't that mean the gain is too high? But for me it has to be turned to max record an audible sound. I don't know
you need to use the phantom power button most likely. and make sure the source of your sound is set to Mic 1 or 2 on PodFarm, depending on which one your mic is plugged into.
I'm no expert, but the 20$ mic probably has something to do with it. get a proper condenser, the ux2 has phantom power so you're set.